This is why Medicine needs to be regulated

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Doctor ‘harvested’ insured patients to rort public fundsYet another story of alleged mismangement by a member of the medical profession. This is a good example of the power that medicos wield within the health care sytem. Heaven help anyone individual who tries to stop them.
Who is going to challenge the head of surgery in a trauma centre? Good to see that such people are being brought to task. Ultimately it is patients who suffer putting too much trust in medicos. That said there are many doctors who ply their trade with patients in mind. It has not stopped health becoming a hugh business.

Teens charged over flamingo bashing – ABC News Australian Broadcasting Corporation

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This really takes the biscuit! Assaulting a blind Flamingo in a Zoo the offenders all around 18 years old will no doubt have their names withheld. They are described as “Two 17-year-old boys, an 18-year-old man and a 19-year-old man have been charged.” the 17 y.o. boys will be shielded from the  public because of their age. It would be hard to imagine that they were not fully aware if what they were doing.

I suppose the stupidity and callousness of people never ceases to amaze me

Original artice below

Teens charged over flamingo bashing – ABC News Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

Archive Photos from the Netherlands

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Enveloppenfabriek Firma Bontamps, Venlo

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This has been added to the Flickr website. These are archive photos from the Netherlands like all theses photos they offer great insights into the past. There are a whole lot of photos that feature children at work . Others appear to be of people with medical conditions.

There are other such collections embedded within Flickr

The Powder Gate in Prague

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Prague, the capital of the Czech republic is filled with many great old buildings. This one is called the powder gate. Apparently in times past the fine burghers stored their gun powder here, hence the name. The city is filled with fine examples of old buildings. One old chap told me that the reason ofr this is that the city was spared the carpet bombing by the Allies during World War 2.

And the beer is not bad either.

Don’t look to a doctor for understanding

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I guess we may have suspected this for a while. If you follow the link to the original article it is rather amamzing the lack of empathy uncovered in this piece of research . It was originally published in the LA Times

Doctors could respond to concrete concerns, such as that a patient was feeling physical pain, or was having trouble getting an appointment. But they largely ignored patients’ emotional concerns — even when that concern was an outcome of surgery, or how long they had left to live.

The whole article can be found here

Don’t look to a doctor for understanding

A New Browser and an Update of an old one

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Well google have just released their new web browser called Chrome. I cant help myself I have downloaded the beta and am using it as I make this post. so far so good. I have just installed it on my XP Pro SP3 machine without incident. It seems a little slow but that is an unreliable variable it may well be the site where this blog is posted.  I like the fact that you can drag tabs off the browsers, in to another window or another monitor if you are lucky to have one  of those.

Just prior to this IE8 now has a public beta and that seems on first looks to be better than its predecessor, well it hasn’t crashed on me yet! However this chrome thing is apparently built using a different paradigm to the existing browsers and is supposedly rather crash proof time will tell I suppose.