WordPress tutorial

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I have been using WordPress since about version 1.5 for the most part I am self-taught. I manage this and 2 other blogs. Two are self hosted and one is a worpress.com blog. This has come about as I read early on in the piece that a blog needs a focus. This one is primarily about what I read and some occasional holiday photos.

The other self hosted blog sentimentalaboutwood.com.au  has a focus on my woodworking hobby and renovation projects. The third is an occasional rant blog superviz.blog.

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Lost posts

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I’m trying to post across three devices using the WordPress app on android. I had been writing post off-line on a recent holiday but the drafts are no more. I can redo but that’s not the point.ANDROID

This then becomes test post. I had only written two posts so no big deal. I did discover that it’s not possible to attach images whilst offline. Now the app can’t access images on the device a bit useless really. Arrgh!

Completing this on a PC after logging in to the dashboard. I wasn’t able to upload any images from the Android App.




Skew Chisel part 2

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I really enjoyed part 1 of Brendan Stemps foray into the dark world of the skew chisel. I have posted a link to that session in another post on this site. In part 2 he really does show what can go wrong in a spectacular fashion.This session is very informative and he has promised an episode 3 in the future. The a link to the video posted on you tube is below.

P.S This is the first post that I have done using the new embed feature in WordPress 3.6. Seems to work


A Bit of Blue Windows 8.1 Preview

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Using windows 8.1 preview which has just been released to the masses. I have installed it on my laptop a Toshiba Satellite Pro i5 machine that’s about 18 months old. I read a Blog post about installing the new OS from Microsoft on separate partition. Despite thinking that I would hold off temptation got the better of me onwards and upwards. Continue reading “A Bit of Blue Windows 8.1 Preview”

The Cat and Post Formats

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The Not so amused cat (below) pretending to help me with the post formatting feature in WordPress.  I not sure what this offers but after reading a post in an wpbeginner.com  article I thought that it was worth a look. Still not sure what it does. I reverted to the default format and still nothing. I mean that the preview didn’t change at all. Here it is in all its image format glory.

I have read a few posts on WordPress sites that say or think that this is a good thing I am still not convinced.

The cat is reserving his opinion.

The Not So Amused cat
The Not So Amused cat