A death in Oslo-Anne Holt

The story revokes around a fictional US President, who has come to power after George W Bush, no Obama in this alternative history. The author Anne Holt is Norwegian and this fits well with my interest in Scandinavian crime fiction.It is a story of secrets, the obvious and not so obvious. The action, as the title would suggest takes place in and around Oslo. The other significant part of this story is that the president is a woman.

This is the first overseas visit by the new president in the land of her forebears. The story unfolds with a mysteries puppeteer who is pulling the strings from afar. The plot moves along at an easy but interesting  pace. The resolution is a once surprising and a little disappointing. However unlike the great tradition of American films there is little scope for a sequel.

This is first and foremost a political thriller but there are elements of a detective story embedded within it. In the end I am keen to read more by this author. 

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