A new router and such

Got a new router after the existing one started slowing down. I have always had dlink routers three in fact over the years. My original reason for going with dlink that tgey had print servers. This was in the early days of home networking.
Since then printers have come along way and print servers aren’t really needed any more. My main printer is a wireless HP black and white laser printer so a print server is redundant.
The new router is a Netgear D6300 which supports the new 802.11ac standard for wife. It was a doddle to set up. Now I have not one but two home networks identified by their respective frequencies of 2.4 and 5.
The main hassle was setting up the wireless printer. The ip address on the network was in a different range and windows 8 didn’t want to let go of the old one. So I uninstaller the printer and reinstalled via another USB port. The HP 1102w requires a wired connection for the first connection. It was plain sailing there after with the other devices, an assortment of iPhones android devices and a mac book all identifying the new printer.
All good so far.


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