A Test Post with Dragon Naturally Speaking

This is a test post using dragon NaturallySpeaking. I’ve used dictation software before, but this is the first time I’ve used it within a web browser. I’m using Google Chrome version 8 and everything seems to be going fine. So far Dragon hasn’t made any mistakes. This is actually the very first time I am using the software.

I have used this kind of software with limited success in the past. When writing academic type documents it becomes clear that the way you speak differs markedly from the way you write. Consequently I’ve spent hours editing documents with misspelt words and words that are simply missed. However this version of Dragon NaturallySpeaking seems to be somewhat more accurate. Or perhaps on speaking more slowly and deliberately deny otherwise would. It’s certainly much much faster than typing.

I am using this software on a Windows based computer with a core two Duo processor four gigabytes of RAMand running Windows 7 64-bit. I still consider this a relatively new machine although it had it for quite some years. I am curious to see how this software will run on my new laptop which features a Intel i5 quad core processor and the same operating system is this machine. I am using a Logitech USB headset which is probably the cheapest one on the market at the time of purchase.

Looks like I’ve succeeded in writing a post with voice recognition software.

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