A Flock of Yellow Tailed Back Cockatoos

I photographed these yellow tailed black cockatoos from our deck. I got really excited as there were a flock of about 20 circling the tree. I rushed inside to get my camera and of course as I came back they were all flying off. Around 15 minutes later I heard their characteristic cry and three or four had returned to the tree. They were about three houses away and my 200mm lens just managed to get these photos. I saw them in our front yard a few weeks ago. Hopefully they will be regular visitors.

More visitors in the garden

We seem to have lots of birds visiting our garden. Its a pity I dont have a SLR camera strapped to my wrist. I was really surprised when I looked out the front windows to see not one but three Yellow Tailed Black Cockatoos resting in our banksia. I took the photos with my phone a Google 6 Pro not too bad but would have been better with my Nikon SLR.

Walking and Covid19

I walk near our home , out the front door and into a conservation park. The dogs love it and they walk off leash . Usually we encounter about four or five people on our walks and some dogs. Last night a balmy evening we encountered about 25 people . I dont think that I have ever seen that many people on the walking track in the 25 or so years that I have been living here . Young and old all out walking this may be a small silver lining to the whole flattening the Covid19 curve.

I am guessing that once all the Covid19 restrictions start to return to normal the numbers will go down again. I have seen many posts on social media imploring people to take this as as a moment to reset their lives. Perhaps I am a pessimist but I suspect that most people will go back to their old ways as the Covid19 restrictions are gradually lifted. Enjoy some pictures of the dogs walking in the conservation park .

The Lydden Bell

Our first night in England the owner of our B&B suggested this pub up the road. The Lydden Bell is a delightful country pub in the Kent countryside. We had just arrived from Adelaide via Doha with about 26 of travel time. My heart’s desire was an English pub meal.

Local beer cod and chips what more could you ask for. Lovely whitebait for entree. The only disappointment was an Eton Mess for dessert which really was a tasteless mess. Three pints of local ale i forgot the name  A lovely sunny evening then it was a quick cab ride to our accommodation Crabble Hill Guest House and then off to bed.


Capitals at last

These capitals have been a long time arriving at their final destination. They represent a collective effort. I designed and turned the capitals. The design and painting was undertaken by the family. I finally got the job of installing them on the fence.

The original turnings were described in post which dates back July 2014. I suppose better late than never.
The reaction has been so far has been positive.

 Fence post capital IMG_3912

Marselles 2013

Marselles 2013 by berniesr
Marselles 2013, a photo by berniesr on Flickr.

Our ship docked in Marseille for the day, which we spent wandering around the harbour area. It was a dull and overcast day but at least it didn’t rain. I am not really sure why this is a cruise port other than it allows access to some parts of Provence on day trips. I suppose it allows some passengers the opportunity to say that they have “done Provence”

We found a museum with an ancient Roman Harbour inside. I am continually amazed at how busy the Romans were and how many of their buildings and structures are still!
There is of course the obligatory catholic cathedral. Somewhere different is always good but I wont be hurrying back.


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Still on tour

We are really into it now. Seven stops so far. Marseilles a rather drab city not helped by the lack of sunshine on the day. There was the obligatory cathedral with the Madonna and “kid” as described by the guide. We caught a little train for €8 a head,good value. Starbucks is everywhere but worth a visit on account of the free WiFi. Got hassled by beggar inside but nothing else.
Lots of shops bought a couple of shirts and watches. Otherwise this isn’t really a tourist town. The ship ran bus tours inland for a taste of Provence we saved our money. We did find a museum featuring the remains of a first century Roman harbour. It came to light during WW 2 after sustained bombing by the Germans. Pity that it was all in French and no English translation, merde.

Madonna and kid

Leaning on Pisa

We pulled up in Livorno the gate way to Pisa. We had researched the town and there was no obvious train to Pisa. Based on our research we booked a ships tour this took us to Pisa and Lucca. When we were in Livorno we discovered that there wasa local train to Pisa for a pittance.
Livorno it self was a port town but we arrived on a day when there was a local market. We didn’t buy anything bit it was interesting.
The bus trip out to Pisa took about an hour. The tower is amazing imagine if they had done the foundations properly then nobody would care! The church at Pisa is where Gallieleo had his inspiration to develop the equations that describe the motion of a pendulum. Interesting to me but maybe not tho others.
Lucca was a beautify mediaeval town which is walled. Its most notable citizen was the composer Puccini who was born there. The walk was dampened and cut short by rain. Had we known about the local train we would have only visited Pisa. At least the sun was shining there.



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Some wood turning pics

Some random woodturning photos

e random woodturning pictures