Some Site Things

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First of all its been a while since my last post so this is in part to rectify that situation. I have finally organised to have the blog moved to the domain rather than a sub folder. This seems to be working fine.

My reading which I record on this site has slowed down a little this year so that has contributed to a lower post rate. The lack of camera time has also been evidenced by  a paucity of holiday photos. Even my other blog at has suffered a little this year.

Lucky this isn’t my livelihood .

Android 5.02 woes

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Upgraded to the much hyped Android 5.02 Lollipop. So far my experience sucks. I waited patiently for the OTA version hoping that the initial bugs would be gone.

My tablet a Nexus 7 2012 with sim card capacity runs as though it is full of glue. It slows down progressively to the point where the only solution is an irritating reboot. I have deleted unused apps. Taken away the live wallpaper and so on.

I even tweeted about with the has hashtag #LollipopUpdate. Got a fairly quick response from @googlenexus. Their recommendation was to restart in safe mode. Did that and the tablet seemed to spring into life. Now I have to determine which apps are causing the hassle. I only install apps from the google play store. Haven’t noticed any warnings about compatibility with Lollipop.

Despite my rant I have managed to type all of this on the tablet whilst using a hotspot from my iPhone.

Another blog

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I have decided that I need a separate site for my woodworking adventures. I have created another site called .I hope in time to  transfer the wood working post from this blog to the new domain. That will be fun.

This blog will then have a reduced focus on books travel and my rants about technology. It been fun setting up the new site and I am still settling on a theme and look for the new site.

There may still be some overlap with this and the new site onward and upwards.

The Unplugged Woodshop: Hand-Crafted Projects for the Home & Workshop

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The Unplugged Woodshop: Hand-Crafted Projects for the Home & WorkshopThe Unplugged Woodshop: Hand-Crafted Projects for the Home & Workshop by Tom Fidgen

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I first came across Tom Fidget via his excellent website the unplugged woodshop. Working from his small workshop he produces some amazing projects. He is a devotee of hand tools and does demonstrate what can be achieved without power tools. The style of videos is very slick no commentary only Tom and his tools. He has another string to his bow which is music the soundtrack to his workshop exploits is fantastic.
I almost forgot I am writing about his second book Unplugged Woodshop: Hand-Crafted Projects for the Home & Workshop. It is a perfect complement for the website. There are details of plans, projects and tips on hand tool usage. Currently Tom is producing a series videos on the construction of a funeral chair. I have always called these folding chairs, might be a Canadian thing. The details of this project are beautifully laid in the book.
A great addition for anyone who is interested in hand tool techniques and importantly making things from wood.

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A week out

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Well a week out and there is an update for iOS 7 taking it to version7.0.2 for my device. Also the WordPress app for iOS was updated. I actually had the bug the new version fixes. Protected post bah humbug

A new router and such

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Got a new router after the existing one started slowing down. I have always had dlink routers three in fact over the years. My original reason for going with dlink that tgey had print servers. This was in the early days of home networking.
Since then printers have come along way and print servers aren’t really needed any more. My main printer is a wireless HP black and white laser printer so a print server is redundant.
The new router is a Netgear D6300 which supports the new 802.11ac standard for wife. It was a doddle to set up. Now I have not one but two home networks identified by their respective frequencies of 2.4 and 5.
The main hassle was setting up the wireless printer. The ip address on the network was in a different range and windows 8 didn’t want to let go of the old one. So I uninstaller the printer and reinstalled via another USB port. The HP 1102w requires a wired connection for the first connection. It was plain sailing there after with the other devices, an assortment of iPhones android devices and a mac book all identifying the new printer.
All good so far.


Skew Chisel part 2

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I really enjoyed part 1 of Brendan Stemps foray into the dark world of the skew chisel. I have posted a link to that session in another post on this site. In part 2 he really does show what can go wrong in a spectacular fashion.This session is very informative and he has promised an episode 3 in the future. The a link to the video posted on you tube is below.

P.S This is the first post that I have done using the new embed feature in WordPress 3.6. Seems to work


No Solution

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This is our second day in Barcelona a city by the sea. The people are by far and large friendly and helpful. The title of the post refers to me trying to get my glasses repaired. The frame broke and the poor girl in the shop had poor English and announced after some thought that there was “no solution”. I bought a replacement pair of readers.
The city has wide main roads  and lots of interesting architecture. This is no small part due to the influence of the modern master Gaudi. His mark is everywhere and the art nouveau style or modernista as they seem to call it.
It is an interesting and appealing city.

Feedly Frenzy

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I have been using Feedly for about a month since Google announced that their reader app was going to be retired this year. I liked the reader app for its simplicity. Feedly it turns out is more complex. It took me some time to adjust. I also found that the Feedly service was overwhelmed by the surge of new users.
The Feedly service is now more settled and works fine. I now enjoy RSS feeds in a magazine style layout. The service is cross platform and I use it on a windows laptop, iPhone and a nexus 7 android tablet. Updates are consistent across versions of Feedly which means that I am always up to date with my feeds.
I like the service best on the android tablet. The service is updated regularly so all is well with RSS feeds!