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I had an interesting experience trying to report a fire that was deliberately lit on a roundabout near our house. The fire had been deliberately lit the kindling was still there as were the matches that had been used. The fire itself was put out by 0ne of our neighbours.

The next day I attempted to report the incident to the police. After I explained the above they asked me if this occurred on my property. I explained that this occurred on a roundabout! On an intersection. The upshot was they would not take a report. However if I let the “owner” of the propery know then they could be able to make the report. The owner of the property is of course our local council. When I asked if the police keep crime statistics the mantra was repeated.

I was not expecting a massive CSI style investigation or indeed and actual attendance but simply to report the incident. I can only conclude if the police don’t take the report then the incident never

occurred and therefore keeps the stats in shape. We do however live in an area where there are regular of grass fires toward the end of the school year.

A photo of the “property” for your viewing pleasure

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