Finally Got The Lathe up and Running

Well after years of  of procrastination I have finally bought a lathe and managed to get it set up. A mini late a Woodfast M305 Mini Lath

Snapped a couple of pics with the ole iPhone. The stand is great it is solid and puts the lathe at a comfortable working height. The lathe was almost completely assembled it only requiring a small tool frame, and fitting the the tool rest. I took the opportunity to apply Silver Glide to the exposed cast iron parts.  Without too much trouble I turned a small piece of timber.

The lathe is easy to use and and should giver years of trouble free service. The lathe comes with a live centre a 82mm  face plate and spur centre. A set of tools from Carbatec and I’m off turning wood into shavings.

Woodfast Mini
Woodfast Mini Lathe
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