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My last post on this subject was about the apparent demise of Now Reading Reloaded plugin that I have been using to keep a track of my reading. It has been a great way to keep track. I means I don’t forget what I have read and saves me buying a book twice which I have done. The advantage was that all the data was stored on my blog.

I have decided to use Goodreads as a replacement. The obvious disadvantage is that the data is stored elsewhere. However the advantages are many, I can use my iPhone to  scan books to my Goodreads account and I have a widget that displays what I have read. 

The widget was a little bit fiddly to set up. The Goodreads site isn’t that clear on adding the required code. Some searching on Google revealed a solution essentially you need to add the code generated on the Goodreads site to the TEXT widget on WordPress. In the dashboard go to Appearance>Widgets.

The last thing will be to transfer the books already read from the plugin to my new Goodreads account. Thank goodness for cut and paste

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