Google Reader bites the dust……hallo Feedly

When I logged on to Google reader this morning I read a message that the service only has  3 months to live. Google say that they are retiring it because of falling use. The thing is that I really like RSS feeds as way of keeping track of websites. Currently this runs at about 80 websites. The question became what to do next….

I am already using the  Pulse newsreader on iOS but it hasn’t really grabbed me.I find it too busy and I think too much for the iPhone even the larger iPhone. A service Feedly was. recommended on a couple of web forums and another I can’t remember.

Feedly allowed me to log in to my Google Reader account and transferred all my RSS feeds without incident. Like all new things it takes a bit of getting used to. I have reorganized all my feeds by category and culled quite a few. A nice feature is seeing how many days since the last post. Some were over a year, perhaps the so-called ghost blogs. Also my categories are the same on both the iPhone and my Win 8 laptop. Also

There are of course the newer services like Facebook and Twitter where you can keep up to date sites. However I do like RSS and it seems that Feedly have been around for a while  so here’s hoping.

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