Hammer in the Morning

An attempt at a Carver's Mallett

The great thing about having trees is that you can cut them down for woodworking projects. That’s perhaps an exaggeration. The log in the attached picture  was salvaged from a Pencil Pine that died. The log has been kicking around for  few months and I thought that I might turn some of it in to something. No pun intended!

Having seen one of these in a woodworking magazine it seemed easy enough. The pencil pine is fragrant so it made the job quite pleasant. Not too bad for a first effort. The wood itself isn’t that good there are some splits or shakes. The handle’s style  was modelled on an old chisel handle that from the shed. It feels nice to hold so that is a testament to the old handle design. I did make it slightly larger in diameter so it’s not a dainty handle.

Although the wood was still a little green I did sand it with three grits and finish it with a scourer pad. I may oil it at a later date.   Anyway the mallet is resting on what it came from.

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