Jawbone Woes

I was given a Jawbone Up in February this year mostly to monitor my steps. My job has me sitting in front of a desk the jawbone keeps track and I have been averaging over 10,000 steps each week. It also tracks sleep and has an alarm. After about six months it simply stopped working. The Jawbone website was full of helpful things to do but in the end I had contact Jawbone. They were helpful and the faulty Jawbone was swapped over where it was bought on the spot. Three months later the second Jawbone up started playing up. The problem this time was related to the outer covering which seemed to be stretching. This interfered with the button thus  making switching modes very difficult. At the other end of the band the stretched cover making  recharging the device almost impossible.

I went back to the place of purchase expecting another changeover. After some discussion I was offered a Fitbit Charge as a replacement.  Interesting that they offer a rival brand as replacement.

So I have had to abandon all my accumulated data with Jawbone and start again with Fitbit. The battery life isn’t as good as the Jawbone. On the plus side the band syncs via bluetooth and has a displays.

Time will tell if this is better. This is really a 21st Century First World problem

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