Marking out the trivets

The second post on the subject of trivets. I have been attempting to make the trivets which feature concentric circles on one side and three circles on the reverse side. Each of the circles must be turned off centre. The attached video shows laying out the off centre circles. The blank is 150 mm in diameter and about 15 mm thick. Two concentric circles are dawn one being 70 mm the other 140 mm. Use the indexing feature of the lathe to divide into sections. I used the first six points and the tool rest to section the blank.

The centre of each circle is at the point where the index line and the 70 mm circle intersect. Equally spaced between these centres on the 140 mm circle another 3 points are laid out. These are for the feet which are turned last. Sounds more complicated than it really is. It is a great project to learn the secrets of using a jam chuck and off centre turning.

I hope that the video will show this more easily than I have written this. The next post in this series will cover off centre turning and sanding.

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