It’s a cold night in Adelaide

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Another test this time posting from inside Word 2007. I suppose this has the advantage of all the text tools within the program such as grammar check and spell check. Just another way to rant on the net I guess.

Apparently it is snowing in Hobart tonight!!! At least it is a moist winter this year in South Australia bring on the climate sceptics.

Stu’s Shed A great Aussie Shed

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A great shed site

Stu’s Shed I should say that I linked to this photo when testing the new Press It feature of WordPress 2.6. Stu has commented on his site that people have pinched content from his site and repackaged at their own. My post is just a proof of concept, and a tribute to what he is doing. A really great site.

Back in Adelaide

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Well we are back in Adelaide , back to work and all the usual. We are actually having a winter this year complete with rain. Looking for a flickr plugin to link some photos to the site. Here is a pictureDSC_0187.JPGof the astrological clock in Prague. It is quite an amazing city that has lots old buildings and charm. Apparently it missed in the bombing in WW2 so it remains largely intact. IT might be ine of those cities that will lose its charm as it becomes more of a tourist destination and the wealth of the country increases.

More photos to follow…………….

Pelican in Mykanos

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This Pelican was just lurking in Mykanos, quite tame and would let anyone pat it. We saw it several times wandering in the lanes of Mykanos.


AS you can see it was not fussy about who patted it!

Greetings From Zagreb

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Well now we are in Zagreb after having raced down the middle of Europe. I an  world  wind  3 weeks  we have been  to  Norway , Copenhagen, Berlin ,Prague and Trieste. We have also squeezed in a 7 day Greek island cruise. This included Kalymnos, Paros Mykanos and Bodrum in Turkey.

Now we are cooling our heels in Zagreb enjoying the fabulous hospitality of Marie’s Cousins.

Greetings From Norfolk

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Well we have been touring around England for nearly 3 weeks the weathers has been up and down. Some really wet days but most days with showers on and off. Where we are staying has been a village sonce the 9th Century and is poised right on tiop of a cliff overlooking a beach. The people here John and Anne have looked after really well we have been to a few nice local pubs and enjoying local food and beer. They have to really great labradors, Alfie and Henry , “The Boys”. img:<2457271558>,<size>]