Reading on Cruise

I have had something of a read- a-thon on my recent cruise holiday. Managing  to read six novels in nine days this is a personal best. Three books from my tablet and three from the ship’s library.

The books in the ship’s library were all good and volumes that I would not have searched out.  Nothing like making  do with what you have. Two were from English TV shows or rather the TV shows are based on the books. A DCI Banks novel the 21st in  the series a great yarn and an easy read. The other was an Inspector Thorne mystery Time of Death which was intriguing. The last of the books was Called Rain Dogs by Adrian McKinty. This is a s far as In=know not a TV series. A great yarn set against the backdrop of the ‘Troubles” in Northern Ireland.

Two different authors made up the last three books. Prequels to the Inspector Erlendur series by Icelandic author Arnaldur Indriðason. I have really enjoyed the series and the two prequel volumes Reykjavik Nights and  Into Oblivion were up to the mark. Rounding out my reading was the The Keeper of Lost Causes by Danish writer Jussi Adler-Olsen the first in new series for me and another great read.  Next in the series is The Absent One which I have already made a start on..

Well that’s holiday reading !



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