Sunrise on the Deck

The move has happened or more precisely is ongoing. Moving is a monumental task especially after living in the one place for 27 years. There are so many little things that you forget, overlook or underestimate. The stuff that accumulates over a quarter of a century is amazing and has to be dealt with.

We hired two guys with a truck hoping this would be a one shot move. We were wrong they underestimated how much stuff we had to move. The truck was filled up with absolutely no room to spare. The biggest thing to be omitted was our rather large collection of pot plants . Lots of the pots that are very large and heavy. I had already moved most of my workshop stuff before the moving day hoping that this would increase the space available in the truck. We did 700 kilometres in the following three days moving stuff in trailers. It was all exhausting work.

I am writing this almost four weeks after the move. We are slowly unpacking the boxes and and putting some order in new the house. Inevitably there was lots of small jobs to attended to in the new house as it had been rented for two years.

The big lesson is not to try and replicate your old house. This causes a lot of stress as invariably the new house will be different. The thing is to start a new. We are slowly getting there and enjoying watching the waves and the sunrise on deck.

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