Turning a stool

Well week 5 has come and gone , luckily for me I was the only one in the class this week. I have finished the milking stool a nice little three-legged stool with legs that are way fancier than they need to be .

The new things that I learnt about this was drilling the holes in the seat and then turning the legs to fit the drilled holes. I was expecting to use a drill press to make the holes for the legs to fit. The whole process took place on the lathe, a chuck was installed into the headstock with a 19mm forstner bit. A jig was then attached to the tail stock which presented the stool seat at 10° to the drill bit.  The seat rested on two rollers which made rotating it after each hole was drilled very easy indeed.

A combined picture showing the stool form two angels
Two views of the finished stool

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