Woodturning there’s a hole in my bowl

Well the red gum bowl is coming along except for the big hole in the bottom.  The bowl was mounted  on a chuck after having a recess turned on the base. I got so involved in making the sides thin I scraped out the centre of the chuck mount.

As a newbie woodturner this may have been a total disaster and the bowl would have ended up as scrap. However as I am doing a course the teacher said that he  must have done this 21 dozen times! So a mistake is re-emerging as a feature.

The the inside of the bowl was recessed approximately 10mm beyond the hole. Then a piece of contrasting wood was selected in this case a piece of olive wood. The stepped plug was turned from the piece of olive and then glued in place. The glue used was Titebond II after setting for what will be a couple of weeks the base will be completed.  The new feature will be slightly domed to preserve its thickness.

Three phases if making a plug for the base of the bowl
Making a plug for the base of the bowl
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