A Flock of Yellow Tailed Back Cockatoos

I photographed these yellow tailed black cockatoos from our deck. I got really excited as there were a flock of about 20 circling the tree. I rushed inside to get my camera and of course as I came back they were all flying off. Around 15 minutes later I heard their characteristic cry and three …

More visitors in the garden

We seem to have lots of birds visiting our garden. Its a pity I dont have a SLR camera strapped to my wrist. I was really surprised when I looked out the front windows to see not one but three Yellow Tailed Black Cockatoos resting in our banksia. I took the photos with my phone …

Walking and Covid19

I walk near our home , out the front door and into a conservation park. The dogs love it and they walk off leash . Usually we encounter about four or five people on our walks and some dogs. Last night a balmy evening we encountered about 25 people . I dont think that I …

The Lydden Bell

Our first night in England the owner of our B&B suggested this pub up the road. The Lydden Bell is a delightful country pub in the Kent countryside. We had just arrived from Adelaide via Doha with about 26 of travel time. My heart’s desire was an English pub meal. Local beer cod and chips …

Capitals at last

These capitals have been a long time arriving at their final destination. They represent a collective effort. I designed and turned the capitals. The design and painting was undertaken by the family. I finally got the job of installing them on the fence. The original turnings were described in post which dates back July 2014. I suppose …

Marselles 2013

Marselles 2013, a photo by berniesr on Flickr. Our ship docked in Marseille for the day, which we spent wandering around the harbour area. It was a dull and overcast day but at least it didn’t rain. I am not really sure why this is a cruise port other than it allows access to some …

Still on tour

We are really into it now. Seven stops so far. Marseilles a rather drab city not helped by the lack of sunshine on the day. There was the obligatory cathedral with the Madonna and “kid” as described by the guide. We caught a little train for €8 a head,good value. Starbucks is everywhere but worth …

Leaning on Pisa

We pulled up in Livorno the gate way to Pisa. We had researched the town and there was no obvious train to Pisa. Based on our research we booked a ships tour this took us to Pisa and Lucca. When we were in Livorno we discovered that there wasa local train to Pisa for a …

Some wood turning pics

Some random woodturning photos e random woodturning pictures  

You are being watched at Pelican Lagoon

Pelican LagoonOriginally uploaded by berniesr This ‘roo was peering at us as we were walking along a path near our accomodation at Pelican Lagoon on Kangaroo Island

A View from office in 2009

Here is view out my office window taken with an iPhone and posted via an iPhone. Typing is tricky with the virtual keyboard, but manageable. I wrote this about two years ago and only found the draft on my phone today. This must have been originally done on version 1 of the WordPress iPhone App. It had been stored as …

A bit of Photo fun on the iPhone

Here is a little Warhol on the iPhone

All Japan Day Glenelg

Yesterday there was a gathering of Japanese cars at Wrigley Reserve in Glenelg. There were both old and new Japanese motor vehicles of all sorts. From the rare and exotic GT 2000 through to old bluebirds and the inevitable collection of four-cylinder turbocharged cars. It was a great turnout on what was a truly lovely sunny …

Happy New Year

Happy New year to all in the blogosphere. The cat is impressed that we are now in 2010

Pelicans Observing Me – Scary

   Pelicans Observing me Originally uploaded by exrorro I saw this photo on flickr. It is great I have never seen a pelican up so close; let alone two at such close quarters. I had a close encounter with a largely tame Pelican in Mykonos last year and now wish I had taken some up …

Check out the video from ACMHN Conference

ACMHN 2008 This is a bit of a video from ACMHN confernce in Melbourne October 2008

Archive Photos from the Netherlands

Enveloppenfabriek Firma Bontamps, Venlo Originally uploaded by Nationaal Archief This has been added to the Flickr website. These are archive photos from the Netherlands like all theses photos they offer great insights into the past. There are a whole lot of photos that feature children at work . Others appear to be of people with …

The Old People

A nice photo of the olds approriately in black and white no sign of sveti papa!

Crocodile from Daintree

This is a crocodile lazing on the banks of the Daintree river in North Queensland. The croc was estimated to be 3.5 metres long.

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