A day at the Bali Zoo

The Bali zoo is large but doesn’t really have tons of animals. The Bali Zoo is open daily and can be easily reached by taxi or Grab( local rideshare service). Wasn’t super expensive. We’re able to buy the tickets online. The tickets are the same price as at the gate. It might make a difference on a day when the zoo is very full. They did have warnings about not overcrowding the zoo, regarding social distancing. There is a bus service within the Bali Zoo thats free and frequent making it easier to get around.

We did see some species that we hadn’t seen before. Notably some very interesting birds. It was also the first time we’d seen a zebra just loping about in the so-called Savannah section where they also had about four or five ostriches roaming about. The male lions who were doing what lions do best which is sunning themselves. There were  a couple of tigers, one of which was white. Quite an interesting looking animal .

At the entrance of the zoo there are lots of deer who are tame enough to pat. There is also an elephant enclosure with a large pond. On the day the zoo was offering rides on the elephants. Can’t be sure if the elephants are willing participants.

They had a show where some birds flew around and some other creatures came out, a bearcat which we’d never seen before and the amazing looking Wreathed Hornbill. A surprise at the Bali Zoo was an Australian Major Mitchell Cockatoo.

We also encountered some prairie dogs and the everpresent meerkats. A couple had paid to feed the meerkats and it looked amusing. Feeding animals is available at additional cost when visiting the Bali Zoo.

On the day that we went it wasn’t particularly busy which was good for us and we wandered about at leisure. We saw some orangutans who won’t do much except pointing at people and sleeping. There were lots of lemurs there which were in an enclosure where we could wander about and they were curious about tourists. No doubt looking for what they could pinch.

All on all it was a nice visit. Wasn’t super expensive. We’re able to buy the tickets online. Bit of a to-do really. The tickets are the same price but the gate. It might make a difference when the zoo is very full. They did have warnings about not overcrowding the zoo, covered, social distancing, etc.

Food was a bit expensive at the Bali zoo but they have signs up everywhere saying that they are trying to do rehab work and saving animals so I suppose they need to make money somehow. I was surprised at how big it was considering most things in Bali seem rather cramped, so that was a good thing. Anyway, there’s some photos attached showing  some of the animals that we saw at the zoo, which of course we’ve already posted on Facebook. I tend to do this at a slower pace on my blog.All on all it was a nice visit.

The case of the dogs in the night.

The case of the dogs in the night. Last night while waiting for takeaway I was sitting at a local warang. I then heard lots of dogs barking. The next minute an elderly man came riding by. His little dog in the carrying basket of the of the bicycle. In hot pursuit we’re about four or five dogs. They were barking and chasing the man on the bike.

The man on the bike was cursing the dogs and trying to kick them. I don’t think the dogs were actually biting him. They were just well chasing the bike with a dog on board. His language became more and more rude and he was certainly cursing the dogs.

He disappeared down the lane and the dogs were still pursuing him. About 2 or 3 minutes later he came back with a huge stick in his hand still riding his bike. Threatening to get the dogs and teach them a lesson. The dogs were of course way in front of him and he had no hope of catching them. I shouted out then was all a bit extreme but he said he was going to give the dogs a lesson.

I didn’t see the man again, but I could hear the dogs barking about. None of them were yelping or crying so I suspect he didn’t catch them. I actually saw a couple of the dogs a bit later coming down another lane and looking wearily around but the man was gone and the incident was over.

The man was white, not a local balinese and he was very very angry at the dogs who were barking at his dog. I think this is the most aggressive incident I’ve seen in our nearly 2 weeks here in Bali.