Back in After Two Weeks

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Well I have been locked out of the site for nearly two weeks. Thankfully my helpful admin was able to get into the gubbins in the backend of the site. Not quite sure what happened but the working theory is that Jetpack in one of its updates may have knocked the site out.. I’m not really sure but it was a hassle. I didn’t even get a am email so I could log in via safe mode. At its worse I was also locked me out of another site that I have. I discovered this when I decided to try and write a post from my mobile phone.

I still can’t access this site from my Android mobile phone. I can do most WordPress things form the phone except write and upload posts. Might just waiting for passwords to sync across the interwebs. So not much to write about other than trying to write a post and publish it. I also added a nice picture of an Almond torte that I made complete with buttercream icing.

Croatian Style Almond Torte

A post from the phone

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I’m writing this post from my phone. The first time that I have used the block editor from a mobile device. Seems to work ok it’s up to version eight oknow. However I was not able to upload a photo. I have tried this more than once.

Reading is at a Low Ebb

No GravatarSeems that 2015 has been a slow year for my reading. I’m still working my way through the Ake Edwardson series featuring Inspector Eric Winter. I am still enjoying the series but time is the factor not enough hours in the day. We need another day between Saturday and Sunday for all the extra weekend things.

I am publishing this form a a unified page where I am able to  post to all of my sites.

Some Site Things

No GravatarFirst of all its been a while since my last post so this is in part to rectify that situation. I have finally organised to have the blog moved to the domain rather than a sub folder. This seems to be working fine.

My reading which I record on this site has slowed down a little this year so that has contributed to a lower post rate. The lack of camera time has also been evidenced by  a paucity of holiday photos. Even my other blog at has suffered a little this year.

Lucky this isn’t my livelihood .


No GravatarI have moaned about this subject on another blog the bottom line is that android and iOS apps don’t work with self hosted WordPress blogs. Nuff said.

Another blog

No GravatarI have decided that I need a separate site for my woodworking adventures. I have created another site called .I hope in time to  transfer the wood working post from this blog to the new domain. That will be fun.

This blog will then have a reduced focus on books travel and my rants about technology. It been fun setting up the new site and I am still settling on a theme and look for the new site.

There may still be some overlap with this and the new site onward and upwards.

One month with android

No GravatarI have been playing with my Google nexus 7 for about a month now. I have just discovered sliding around the keyboard without taking my finger off very much. It means that I can type faster than the old hunt and peck method.
I am very happy with android as it does most of what I can do iOS. There  are  some  familiar apps like Facebook and twitter. However not all apps are available on both iOS and android.   I say this because my experience is mostly with the apple app store I discovered the imbalance.  Since i started with the Google play store I have have seen a difference in the style and number of apps. However if you can’t find the exact same app there is always something similar.
The “play store” has itself been updated to a newer and clearer format in the short time that I have been using it. Don’t much like the name but I guess that will become accustomed to it.
So far so good.

Goodreads on WordPress

No GravatarMy last post on this subject was about the apparent demise of Now Reading Reloaded plugin that I have been using to keep a track of my reading. It has been a great way to keep track. I means I don’t forget what I have read and saves me buying a book twice which I have done. The advantage was that all the data was stored on my blog.

I have decided to use Goodreads as a replacement. The obvious disadvantage is that the data is stored elsewhere. However the advantages are many, I can use my iPhone to  scan books to my Goodreads account and I have a widget that displays what I have read.  Continue reading “Goodreads on WordPress”