Android 5.1 Woes

Having updated my Nexus tablet to Android 5 and suffered disappointment I was happy to see an update come to the tablet. I wrote about my experience with version 5 in a previous post. I even tweeted about it! I had high hopes for version 5.1. When it works its great and on the whole the later version is better. However I experience black screens and random reboots. I had this the reboot issue with 4.4.

I can’t isolate it to any one app as has been suggested online. Most of the apps that I use regularly are in fact Google apps. These include Chrome and Google Play books. The problem seems to have lessened with app updates. Still far from a smooth transition from 4.4. to version 5.1.

Anyway enough whining for now.

Android 5.02 woes

Upgraded to the much hyped Android 5.02 Lollipop. So far my experience sucks. I waited patiently for the OTA version hoping that the initial bugs would be gone.

My tablet a Nexus 7 2012 with sim card capacity runs as though it is full of glue. It slows down progressively to the point where the only solution is an irritating reboot. I have deleted unused apps. Taken away the live wallpaper and so on.

I even tweeted about with the has hashtag #LollipopUpdate. Got a fairly quick response from @googlenexus. Their recommendation was to restart in safe mode. Did that and the tablet seemed to spring into life. Now I have to determine which apps are causing the hassle. I only install apps from the google play store. Haven’t noticed any warnings about compatibility with Lollipop.

Despite my rant I have managed to type all of this on the tablet whilst using a hotspot from my iPhone.


I have moaned about this subject on another blog the bottom line is that android and iOS apps don’t work with self hosted WordPress blogs. Nuff said.

Feedly Frenzy

I have been using Feedly for about a month since Google announced that their reader app was going to be retired this year. I liked the reader app for its simplicity. Feedly it turns out is more complex. It took me some time to adjust. I also found that the Feedly service was overwhelmed by the surge of new users.
The Feedly service is now more settled and works fine. I now enjoy RSS feeds in a magazine style layout. The service is cross platform and I use it on a windows laptop, iPhone and a nexus 7 android tablet. Updates are consistent across versions of Feedly which means that I am always up to date with my feeds.
I like the service best on the android tablet. The service is updated regularly so all is well with RSS feeds!

WordPress on android

This is my first post from an Android device. I have bought a Google nexus 7. So now I have another version of a WordPress app to play with. My initial impressions are good the size of the device is great. I like the keyboard with the predictive text appearing as I type.
I do find the iPhone too small for effective blogging. This device seems better. I don’t notice any real difference in sensitivity  of the keyboard.
Although the lack of a camera for quick blogging is a minor hassle there is always flickr Google+ etc to grab photos from so all is not lost.
So now I have been using the device for a for a few days now. I have installed most of the apps that I use on iOS. There are some apps that are not written for both operating system. In these instances I have sourced alternatives. Therefore I don’t feel deprived. I do think that some iOS apps are more polished. But the device is more than adequate and I quite like it. Might just be my never ending fascination with technology. I guess time will tell.