WordPress on android

This is my first post from an Android device. I have bought a Google nexus 7. So now I have another version of a WordPress app to play with. My initial impressions are good the size of the device is great. I like the keyboard with the predictive text appearing as I type.
I do find the iPhone too small for effective blogging. This device seems better. I don’t notice any real difference in sensitivity  of the keyboard.
Although the lack of a camera for quick blogging is a minor hassle there is always flickr Google+ etc to grab photos from so all is not lost.
So now I have been using the device for a for a few days now. I have installed most of the apps that I use on iOS. There are some apps that are not written for both operating system. In these instances I have sourced alternatives. Therefore I don’t feel deprived. I do think that some iOS apps are more polished. But the device is more than adequate and I quite like it. Might just be my never ending fascination with technology. I guess time will tell.

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