An new iPhone and a new iOS all at once

iOS logo

A new iPhone and a new iOS all at once. Really like the new phone slimmer lighter and nice to touch. Watching the video with the chief designer was a bit over the top the really likes his designs.
So a new connector slim and easy to use. Will have to get the adapter for the old 30 pin connector. Have to keep the old sound system going.
The camera is great sharp as. Love the new panorama mode is easy and smooth to use.
There has been a ton off app updates to keep up with the new iOS. So far a happy camper.

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More video

Another video with the iPhone in landscape mode. This time I was offered an option of which orientation I wanted, portrait or landscape. The software detected that I had turned the phone.

Your browser does not support the video tag

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Another update of the WP iPhone App

Seems as though there are a lot of unhappy bunnies out there as far as this app goes. This version promises to fix lots of bugs. I had problems a few version ago when I couldn’t publish anything from the iPhone. I have never been able to upload a video from the phone so that’s what I will try to do here.

“Your browser does not support the video tag” this message was added on the iPhone. The video has been rotated 90 degrees dont know why. May be the iphone app thinks this is the way to go.

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Finally Got The Lathe up and Running

Well after years of  of procrastination I have finally bought a lathe and managed to get it set up. A mini late a Woodfast M305 Mini Lath

Snapped a couple of pics with the ole iPhone. The stand is great it is solid and puts the lathe at a comfortable working height. The lathe was almost completely assembled it only requiring a small tool frame, and fitting the the tool rest. I took the opportunity to apply Silver Glide to the exposed cast iron parts.  Without too much trouble I turned a small piece of timber.

The lathe is easy to use and and should giver years of trouble free service. The lathe comes with a live centre a 82mm  face plate and spur centre. A set of tools from Carbatec and I’m off turning wood into shavings.

Woodfast Mini
Woodfast Mini Lathe
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WordPress iPhone App v2.6

Been having lots of trouble with the WordPress App since I upgraded to iOS 4. Couldn’t log in to the blog very frustrating. Anyway this all seems to be in the past now with the release of this version of the App.
You are supposed to be able to add video from an iPhone 4. I have tried direct filming from within the application and loading from the library. Both methods make the App crash.

I did manage to load a photo.

iOS4 on my 3GS iPhone

Well I waited a few days and then took the plunge and installed the new iOS4. This is the

iPad, iPhone & iPod Touch
Image by DrewVigal via Flickr

latest version of the operating system for the iPhone and of course the over hyped iPad. I have been running it now for about 6 hours the most obvious thing is the wallpaper and the way the icons rush in from the sides when you turn the phone on. Multitasking seems to work so any app that you turn on remains on in the background. Not sure what this means for battery life, if there is an extra drain on the battery I haven’t noticed so far. The camera seems snappier but that might be me. I haven’t tried the folder function yet too much excitement at once isn’t good.
My main fear had been the sporadic reports of sluggish performance and non-responsive screens. So far so good. There doesn’t seem to be an easy was to actually just turn off an app when you are done. So you end up with all the apps running in the background. When the apps are displayed as strip that are running in the background you have to hold an icon until they all display a red circle with a cross in it then clocking on this shuts each app down individually.

Oh and I almost forgot this was written on my iPhone

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View From the Office via Iphone

Well here is a photo from my office taken on an Iphone with the third version of the OS installed. I used the WordPress application that is available from the Itunes store. The whole thing works well enough and I suppose its kinda cool being able to post to the net,  or is that web,  from a truly hand-held device. The touch key board isn’t too bad even for my chubby fingers. What will it be next tweeting form the Iphone , heaven knows where it will all end.

Test from Iphone

Well this fabulous photo was take on an Iphone and uploaded using the WordPress application within the Iphone.
I must say that it couldn’t have been easier,it might be the reason that pushes me to actually get an Iphone. I might however wait until the new model arrives.