WP Book

An interesting application/plugin for WordPress is WPBook. This plugin installs on you blog allows your post to be visible on a Facebook page.  It only works on self hosted WordPress installs.

The installation is, from my experience of WordPress plugins, a little quirky. This is primarily because the WPBook requires that you create a Facebook application. This sort of thing is a little daunting for someone like me with no programming experience. However it is really more about creating the application within the developers section of Facebook, this creates an API key and another password or  key called a secret. You then enter theses details in the plugin section of your blog. You need to give your application a unique name so that it has a “canvas” name this is Facebook jargon for where they host their application.  So after a few trials and errors  I was able to create an application that now displays my deep and meaningful post on my Facebook page.

The guy who created it John Eckman can be found here http://www.openparenthesis.org/2009/01/19/wpbook-wordpress-facebook-plugin-goes-10

Test of Blackbird Pie for WordPress

Here is a test of embedding a Tweet in a blog post  using the blackbirdpie plugin for WordPress A little quirky in its implementation but that might just be me making it more complicated that it needs to be  [blackbirdpie id=”2577297706057728″]

So embedding tweets is not that hard , I think

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A Small Site Update

Have just added a Facebook and Twitter icon to the side bar which will take you to my twitter and facebook pages. All this social media is about intergration.

Might consider a new theme , I am getting a little bored with this one.

Testing a new plugin for this blog

I have just installed a new plugin that allows my posts here to appear in my Facebook page. This post is a way of testing that idea to see how it works. It was very fiddly to set up as I have no experience with Facebook applcations. However it seems to be working now.