Main Course Regret

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Ever been out to dinner or lunch only to discover that you didn’t go with your initial choice on the menu. You were going to have the goat curry but you wandered all over the menu and ended up choosing something else. The food arrives it’s not as good as you had hoped. Across the table sits the goat curry you  have main course regret. This is almost always the result of not going with your first choice. Then you have to endure your dining partner tucking into what should have been yours. Main Course Regret. You should always go with you first choice!

This of course is only exceeded by desert envy. This is much the same. However this is characterized by never being satisfied with whatever desert choice that you make. The other deserts on the table will always be the ones you wanted. A cheese platter is always a second best or at worst an entrée  for desert.

So remeber always pick the main course that first takes your fancy other wise in the words of Edith Piaf “Je Non Regret Rien” which loosely translates as no regrets.

Desert is curlier than you might imagine  it’s really an all or nothing proposition.

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