I have moaned about this subject on another blog the bottom line is that android and iOS apps don’t work with self hosted WordPress blogs. Nuff said.

iOS 7

My first impressions of iOS 7 are positive. Everything I have tried works. I like the new camera app. It’s much simpler to use and now there is the capacity for square photos. Additionally my iPhone 5 supports the filter feature.
The new font and keyboard look great. It was really simple and easy to adjust the font size as well. The release was accompanied by a slew of new app releases. Twitter and Facebook both adopted the new look and layout on the day of release.
I haven’t mentioned the new control centre which is useful and practical. The only thing that isn’t on the up is my battery life.


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A dog video test

Here is another test. This time the dog with its BFF. Imagine taking a dog for play dates OMG.

I like to post

Another version of the WordPress app for iOS. Gets better I guess. I only really try it when there is an update. Should try it when I’m out and about (that last bit begs a Canadian accent.
I will have to add a photo as well to see if that works.


Testing a bluetooth keyboard

Another gadget test this time a cheap Chinese Bluetooth keyboard for the iPad. The keyboard doubles as a cover for the iPad a snap on affair. It was easy enough to set up the iPad recognised the device immediately from the Bluetooth menu.
It charges separately from a standard mini USB connector and has claimed standby time of 60 days.

The keys have a nice feel and are well spaced. Even with my large hands I can manage this quite easily. You still have to touch the screen for some functions like spell check and to start apps. At $25 dollars including postage its cheap enough, longevity may be another matter.

I did some final editing on my PC. 

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An new iPhone and a new iOS all at once

iOS logo

A new iPhone and a new iOS all at once. Really like the new phone slimmer lighter and nice to touch. Watching the video with the chief designer was a bit over the top the really likes his designs.
So a new connector slim and easy to use. Will have to get the adapter for the old 30 pin connector. Have to keep the old sound system going.
The camera is great sharp as. Love the new panorama mode is easy and smooth to use.
There has been a ton off app updates to keep up with the new iOS. So far a happy camper.

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Another update for the iOS app



Well another minor update for the iOS app. Since I resolved my hosting issues this is all going well. Smooth as silk in fact.

IOS (Apple).With the new version 5 of the Facebook app for iOS also popping up today it a big day for favorite apps. The Facebook app is much slicker and faster. Really about time as the old version was getting quite sluggish.
More amazingly I updated a WordPress plugin,Jetpack, right here from my iPhone. Pretty good I think.

All for now!

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WordPress iOS App version 2.9

Well here we go another version of the iOS App for WordPress. This is my second attempt at posting this quick review. The app froze and I had to shut it down. Not the end of the world but annoying on The first use of the app.

The new editing space is great and easier on my old eyes.

I do like to add a photo when I test this app so I will.
Addit: Well it all upload ok from a stored photo rather than taking the photo directly from the camera. Maybe I was just unlucky the first time.