Where are the Sheep

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Travelling in New Zealand over the last week or so I have been struck by the lack of SHEEP. This is my first visit here and I have grown up in Australia with a steady diet of NZ sheep jokes. The jokes might more aptly be applied to Kiwis and cows which seem to greatly outnumber the sheep. So where are they? Where have all the sheep gone? Have they like many Kiwis headed to Australia???

Its Christmas Eve and I am in New Zealand

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Arrived in Auckland today and encountered something that we don’t see too much of in South Australia ……RAIN. After 12 days of stuffing oursleves to the gills on the Diamond Princess on a 12 day cruise from Sydney we are back on land and having a couple of relaxing days in Auckland before we head off on motoring holiday on the north island. Might even pick up an accent ๐Ÿ™‚ .

Will add some pics of NZ later.

Pelican in Mykanos

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This Pelican was just lurking in Mykanos, quite tame and would let anyone pat it. We saw it several times wandering in the lanes of Mykanos.


AS you can see it was not fussy about who patted it!