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I had problems with the theme I have been using for a while so I needed to change it. In fact the update of the previous theme killed my site. I was lucky that I had previewed the site in another browser tab so I still had the admin pages open.  With the help of a Barossa  Valley  Cabernet  Sauvignon ( that’s from South Australia for the naive)  I have come up with this new theme. I have been sticking with themes that had customizable headers , no harm has come from letting this go!

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You have to love opensource

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I have been using a plugin called Now Reading. It keeps track of the books a read and displays them on the blog site in a sidebar. It also helps me keep track of what I am reading and write some reviews. It also  maintains a library  for me.

The Rob Miller who originally developed the plugin stopped at around WordPress version 2.7 and subsequently it stopped working.  He is appearently  too busy to keep on with the development and changes t0 WordPress. I would have liked to update the plug-in myself.  However when I look at code I don’t see poetry its more like random swirls.

Anyway as is the world of Word Press someone else has taken up the baton and is now running with it. Now I can again add books and they display nicely on my site. Thanks to Ben Gunnink for Now Reading Reloaded.  The really amazing thing for me was I downloaded  Now Reading Reloaded  , deactivated the old one activated the new one and voila all my data was there .

Three Cheers for open source. This I guess would never have happened if this was  a commercial plugin.

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New Ideas for WordPress

I posted the text below on the WordPress site under new ideas or suggestion for inclusion in new versions of WordPress.

I would like to see a feature that would allow the complete removal of unwanted or unused plugins. I for one trial many plugins on my blog and I don’t always have easy ftp access so removing the plugin directories whilst relatively easy can be a chore.

The new install plugin feature is great and being able to add new plugins on the fly is very easy. The same concept applied to removing plugins would be equally useful.

If I knew how to program I would write a plugin to do this. That’s my first idea for WordPress.

Plugin Management on WordPress 2.7

I must say that one  of the features that I really enjoy about WordPress 2.7 is the plugin management. Being able to add plugins on the fly without ftp access is fabulous. I don’t always access my blogs in an environment where I can use ftp easily so being able to add a new plugin whenever I like is great.

Also being something of an upgrade junkie I am also liking the automatic upgrade feature. I had used a plugin for this in the past but now that it is part of the core of WordPress more the better I say.

If I was looking for an improvement on this side of the operation it would be an easy way to remove unwanted or redundant plugins but this is less pressing.

This only one small innovation in what has been the most pleasing revision of WordPress so far.