Greeks Bearing Gifts: Bernie Gunther Thriller 13Greeks Bearing Gifts: Bernie Gunther Thriller 13 by Philip Kerr

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This is the penultimate instalment of the Bernie Gunther series the author Philip Kerr passed away 23rd March 2018. There is another novel coming Metropolis which is due out at the end of the year. Like all the novels in this series there is enough to explain his past without necessarily reading them all. I have read all in order and enjoyed the series.

This time we find Bernie Gunther in Munich working as a morgue attendant under another assumed name. He reluctantly becomes embroiled in a scam which ultimately lands him in Greece. He is a belligerent as always and falls for an attractive woman who is embroiled in the plot. surprisingly he becomes an insurance assessor and upon proving himself he gets sent to Athens. Here he becomes embroiled in an insurance scam involving antiquities.

Bernie Gunther novels have always referenced the Nazi era and the current context. Philip Kerr’s attention to historical detail always makes these novels interesting combined with an engaging plot. Here we find references to de-Nazification and the links that post war Western Germany has to the Nazis. This link to the atrocities committed in Thessaloniki and other places in Greece.

Our grumpy hero is moving along towards his final adventure.

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