A Bit of Blue Windows 8.1 Preview

Using windows 8.1 preview which has just been released to the masses. I have installed it on my laptop a Toshiba Satellite Pro i5 machine that’s about 18 months old. I read a Blog post about installing the new OS from Microsoft on separate partition. Despite thinking that I would hold off temptation got the better of me onwards and upwards.

After downloading the ISO file and creating a 100 GB partition set about installing the new version of the OS. The installation was done using a USB stick and Microsofts’ tool for making a bootable USB drive. After setting the OS up on the USB stick the boot priority changed to USB away it went. You need to use the advanced option to install on a new partition.

Quick and easy as far as I am concerned. Took about an hour I think but I did hangover the laptop. Other than setting language options, providing logon for my WiFi and Microsoft account I did nothing. I now have to versions of Win8 on my laptop. Updates were downloaded and installed.

So far so good ๐Ÿ™‚

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