A Tale of Three Companies Part 2

After the initial attempt to get the Air-conditioning unit repaired I had to contact the Office of Consumer and Business Affairs (OCBA). Their advice was to write to the retailer, Origin Energy, as it is their responsibility to organise warranty repairs. On the advice of OCBA I sent a registered letter outlining my troubles to date. The outcome I wanted was a response in 7 days. I received a phone call from Origin Energy four days after the letter was sent. I was advised that they had called Mecair (this being the company that does the warranty work) and they were going to fix the air-conditioning. I waited a further 4 business days and called Mecair to see what progress was being made. I was then told that the part had been ordered. However they were unable to give me an estimated time of repair. They put the blame firmly on the door step of AHI-Carrier who manufacture of the air-conditioning unit.

I then tried to contact Origin Energy as OCBA advised me to. Try as I might I could not get through to them to clarify the situation. I was continually confronted by a phone message saying that “due to unprecedented demand they were not able to answer the phone”. I rang nearly every number on their website, but was unable to speak to anyone. In the end very ¬†frustrated I went to their store in Adelaide. The unprecedented demand was being met by one person on the phone the rest of staff wandering around a nearly empty store! I expressed my frustration very loudly! This is now nearly two weeks after my letter demanding action in 7 days. They are apologetic, nothing can be done today…blah blah. However tomorrow , always tomorrow.

The next day and I get a call from AHI Carrier the manufacturer of the lame air-conditioning unit. I have to re-tell the whole saga which only gets my temper going. He denies that there are any supply issues with spare parts as detailed by Mecair. He promises me that sort it out and get back to me the next morning. He also adds that the initial service guy who came to our house could have made a temporary repair which would have made the unit functional! He promises to get back to me the following morning. Needless to say I have to phone him at the end of day. He promises that the part will be in Adelaide next week and that Mecair will have someone on standby to come out and repair the air-conditioning unit.

This is now about 7 weeks since I started on this ludicrous journey.

The air-conditioner is still not fixed……..

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