WPtouch adds a mobile theme as well!

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Well another plugin added to the blog site. One day I might a real uses for this other than fiddling with it. I have an iPhone but don’t like the way the blog displays in a mobile environment. Enter WPtouch 1.9.16 this free plugin sits along the

iPhone 3G White
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regular theme. This allows a seamless transition and does not affect the regular theme. WPtouch  has a plethora options to fiddle with however it worked straight out of the box. The WPtouch theme looks great on the iPhone . The next thing is a custom icon which I will have to design.

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A new theme

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I had problems with the theme I have been using for a while so I needed to change it. In fact the update of the previous theme killed my site. I was lucky that I had previewed the site in another browser tab so I still had the admin pages open.  With the help of a Barossa  Valley  Cabernet  Sauvignon ( that’s from South Australia for the naive)  I have come up with this new theme. I have been sticking with themes that had customizable headers , no harm has come from letting this go!

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New WordPress App Version 2

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Well here it is the second WordPress app for iPhone. Certainly faster than it’s ancestor. I always had trouble logging on with that version. So I am sitting in a park reading a book and thought I would give it a whirl.
Seems to work well and a photo too!

Some Changes

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Well I have finally made some changes to the site, a new theme and some fresh images for the banner. I suppose my interest in the blogging thing is as much about what goes on behind the scenes as is the content. Those in the know say that content is king but I still like to know how it all works.

This revision is coming form Pt Elliot this morning where the sky is a brilliant blue. I don’t know if there are any whales parked at the bay coz it is too far to walk…………

A Small Site Update

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Have just added a Facebook and Twitter icon to the side bar which will take you to my twitter and facebook pages. All this social media is about intergration.

Might consider a new theme , I am getting a little bored with this one.

Test from Iphone

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Well this fabulous photo was take on an Iphone and uploaded using the WordPress application within the Iphone.
I must say that it couldn’t have been easier,it might be the reason that pushes me to actually get an Iphone. I might however wait until the new model arrives.

Book Reviews

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I have added a nice little feature which is seen in one of the side bars on the right hand side of the web page. I can now add the books I am , going to and have read recently. The plugin picks up the book cover and other detail by linking to  amazon.com . I haven’t set up a referral system which I can and get discounts based on people who buy after coming here. Given the low traffic of this site its probably not going to matter. The plugin was written by Rob over at Roblog.

I did look at another similar plugin in based in an open source library net work, but try as I might I couldn’t get it to work. By contrast this worked relatively easily.

Any way if you dare you can look at what I read.  I kicked off with Silesian Station which is  a crime novel set in Pre WWII Germany.

Another plugin

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I have added another plugin that translates the original English of this blog into other languages. The plugin links to the google translating system and indeed can link to others. I have added a few languages , a couple for fun Japanese and Israeli only because I wanted to see what the blog looked like in a non roman alphabet.

I will see if there is any feedback , that is of course if there is nay one out there in the great beyond.

Just to get a feel for it this is snapshot of the post in Hebrew

Screen capture of translated blog
Screen capture of translated blog

Testing a new plugin for this blog

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I have just installed a new plugin that allows my posts here to appear in my Facebook page. This post is a way of testing that idea to see how it works. It was very fiddly to set up as I have no experience with Facebook applcations. However it seems to be working now.

A tale from a parallel universe

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I subscribe to a wonderful blog called stusshed. Stu laments the passing of the Triton Woodworking groups in Victoria. Triton of course are the makers of a range of tools which are resplendent in their orange livery. User groups, or groups of users,  can be great things and I suppose the woodworking user groups are a sort of men’s group that does not involve the “inner child” or hugging trees. There is of course nothing better than the sight of saw dust on the floor and the sound of electrons being murdered. 

This sad tale of the Triton users groups reminds me of another similar experience that I had. Remember the old computer user groups in the days when there were several computer operating systems in the market place. Windows was only a dream. I belonged to an Atari user group , they had a GUI long before Microsoft. It was a bid nerdy but 512 kilobytes of ram was something to behold. However  with the arrival of the 2400 baud modem and bulletin boards things began to change. The once flourishing Atari User group drifted away as we all became seduced by Microsoft.

So once upon a time in a small hall far far away………………………………..