A Test Post with Dragon Naturally Speaking

This is a test post using dragon NaturallySpeaking. I’ve used dictation software before, but this is the first time I’ve used it within a web browser. I’m using Google Chrome version 8 and everything seems to be going fine. So far Dragon hasn’t made any mistakes. This is actually the very first time I am using the software.

I have used this kind of software with limited success in the past. When writing academic type documents it becomes clear that the way you speak differs markedly from the way you write. Consequently I’ve spent hours editing documents with misspelt words and words that are simply missed. However this version of Dragon NaturallySpeaking seems to be somewhat more accurate. Or perhaps on speaking more slowly and deliberately deny otherwise would. It’s certainly much much faster than typing.

I am using this software on a Windows based computer with a core two Duo processor four gigabytes of RAMand running Windows 7 64-bit. I still consider this a relatively new machine although it had it for quite some years. I am curious to see how this software will run on my new laptop which features a Intel i5 quad core processor and the same operating system is this machine. I am using a Logitech USB headset which is probably the cheapest one on the market at the time of purchase.

Looks like I’ve succeeded in writing a post with voice recognition software.

Test of Blackbird Pie for WordPress

Here is a test of embedding a Tweet in a blog post  using the blackbirdpie plugin for WordPress A little quirky in its implementation but that might just be me making it more complicated that it needs to be  [blackbirdpie id=”2577297706057728″]

So embedding tweets is not that hard , I think

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WordPress iPhone App v2.6

Been having lots of trouble with the WordPress App since I upgraded to iOS 4. Couldn’t log in to the blog very frustrating. Anyway this all seems to be in the past now with the release of this version of the App.
You are supposed to be able to add video from an iPhone 4. I have tried direct filming from within the application and loading from the library. Both methods make the App crash.

I did manage to load a photo.

Added a WP Touch Mobile Icon

Well managed to create an icon from a photo using a website called Flavor Studios the website does all the work. When done simply download the icons to your computer and then upload to the admin page. Here it is for those without an iPhone.

WPtouch adds a mobile theme as well!

Well another plugin added to the blog site. One day I might a real uses for this other than fiddling with it. I have an iPhone but don’t like the way the blog displays in a mobile environment. Enter WPtouch 1.9.16 this free plugin sits along the

iPhone 3G White
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regular theme. This allows a seamless transition and does not affect the regular theme. WPtouch  has a plethora options to fiddle with however it worked straight out of the box. The WPtouch theme looks great on the iPhone . The next thing is a custom icon which I will have to design.

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A new theme

Image of a vineyard in McLaren vale.
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I had problems with the theme I have been using for a while so I needed to change it. In fact the update of the previous theme killed my site. I was lucky that I had previewed the site in another browser tab so I still had the admin pages open.  With the help of a Barossa  Valley  Cabernet  Sauvignon ( that’s from South Australia for the naive)  I have come up with this new theme. I have been sticking with themes that had customizable headers , no harm has come from letting this go!

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New WordPress App Version 2

Well here it is the second WordPress app for iPhone. Certainly faster than it’s ancestor. I always had trouble logging on with that version. So I am sitting in a park reading a book and thought I would give it a whirl.
Seems to work well and a photo too!

Some Changes

Well I have finally made some changes to the site, a new theme and some fresh images for the banner. I suppose my interest in the blogging thing is as much about what goes on behind the scenes as is the content. Those in the know say that content is king but I still like to know how it all works.

This revision is coming form Pt Elliot this morning where the sky is a brilliant blue. I don’t know if there are any whales parked at the bay coz it is too far to walk…………

A Small Site Update

Have just added a Facebook and Twitter icon to the side bar which will take you to my twitter and facebook pages. All this social media is about intergration.

Might consider a new theme , I am getting a little bored with this one.

Test from Iphone

Well this fabulous photo was take on an Iphone and uploaded using the WordPress application within the Iphone.
I must say that it couldn’t have been easier,it might be the reason that pushes me to actually get an Iphone. I might however wait until the new model arrives.