Capitals at last

These capitals have been a long time arriving at their final destination. They represent a collective effort. I designed and turned the capitals. The design and painting was undertaken by the family. I finally got the job of installing them on the fence.

The original turnings were described in post which dates back July 2014. I suppose better late than never.
The reaction has been so far has been positive.

 Fence post capital IMG_3912

The Unplugged Woodshop: Hand-Crafted Projects for the Home & Workshop

The Unplugged Woodshop: Hand-Crafted Projects for the Home & WorkshopThe Unplugged Woodshop: Hand-Crafted Projects for the Home & Workshop by Tom Fidgen

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I first came across Tom Fidget via his excellent website the unplugged woodshop. Working from his small workshop he produces some amazing projects. He is a devotee of hand tools and does demonstrate what can be achieved without power tools. The style of videos is very slick no commentary only Tom and his tools. He has another string to his bow which is music the soundtrack to his workshop exploits is fantastic.
I almost forgot I am writing about his second book Unplugged Woodshop: Hand-Crafted Projects for the Home & Workshop. It is a perfect complement for the website. There are details of plans, projects and tips on hand tool usage. Currently Tom is producing a series videos on the construction of a funeral chair. I have always called these folding chairs, might be a Canadian thing. The details of this project are beautifully laid in the book.
A great addition for anyone who is interested in hand tool techniques and importantly making things from wood.

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Skew Chisel part 2

I really enjoyed part 1 of Brendan Stemps foray into the dark world of the skew chisel. I have posted a link to that session in another post on this site. In part 2 he really does show what can go wrong in a spectacular fashion.This session is very informative and he has promised an episode 3 in the future. The a link to the video posted on you tube is below.

P.S This is the first post that I have done using the new embed feature in WordPress 3.6. Seems to work


Using the Skew chisel

I have discovered an Australian woodturner, Brendan Stemp who is an accomplished woodturner. He has made a few videos which are both interesting and informative.  The videos are at his site or on YouTube

The skew chisel is often thought to be a bit tricky or even dangerous. The video is very helpful even if you use this chisel. Watch the video and subscribe to his YouTube channel.

Part 2 still to come

Turning Fountain Pens

I have been testing out and refining turning fountain pens. Unlike the slimline ballpoints that I have made these pens are more of a fiddle. The blanks are different sizes quite a bit larger in diameter. The increased diameter is internal and external. This causes some problems with the tool that I use to true up the ends of the blanks. anyone who has turned pens will know the importance of the end being square!
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Over complicated lathe steady

I was reading a woodworking blog recently, sadly I cannot remember which one, the essence of the post was that we spend too much time planning and thinking about tasks. I am certainly guilty of this. A case in point are the attached images. I was going to make a lathe steady so that I could make some pepper grinders at home.I planned looked at YouTube videos bought some roller blade wheels. Then deciding if I should make the frame in wood or steel, in the end it all got too much. Continue reading “Over complicated lathe steady”

Not Much Woodworking Here I’ll have Pfeill it

One of my objectives for this blog is to write about my woodworking exploits. I really haven’t done much since December last year. Its now February 2013 and I cant get to the shed. We had really hot weather in January when I was on leave and now one thing and another is getting in the way. My last substantial project was the trivet saga documented in previous post.

I managed to get another drive belt for my lathe after finding out in January that there were none in the country! I have however bought a new marking knife a lovely bit of Swiss steel made by Pfeil. Now to do something with it!


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