Dexter By Design (Dexter #4)

Dexter By Design (Dexter, #4)Dexter By Design by Jeff Lindsay

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I read this in November 2011 and is part of my transfer of reading from the Now Reading plugin to Goodreads

This is the fourth novel featuring Dexter the serial killer for good. He is perhaps best known from the TV series Dexter. This story has Dexter coming to grips with married life and step children. This adds another level of complexity to his other activities. Nevertheless his “dark passenger” still beckons.
This creates a conundrum for fans of both the books and the TV show as they are on different paths. Undeterred I like both accepting that they are different.
It is east to accept that the TV script writers cherry pick bits and pieces of the plot from the books and adapt it for a different media. However what is more difficult to digest is that some of the main characters have been killed off in the books and not in the TV series and vice versa.
I am having something of an adjustment disorder over this, still enjoyed the read though.

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