Drug Rehab Serbian Style

I saw an article on BBC world news about a drug rehab program on in Serbia. You can see the original article by clicking here including a video. A man is seen being beaten with a shovel. The article goes on to say that this centre is being run by the Serbian Orthodox church. These religious backed centres never ceases to amaze me. In the name of religion every perversion imaginable is perpetrated. The press has been full of countless stories of excesses committed in the name of any deity you care to think of.

This is however an new take on rug rehab. Do these people think that they can beat drug addiction out of people? It makes almost as much sense as a good exorcism.

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  1. “Exorcism” is an excellent comparison, here. I have long ago come to the conclusion that organized religion is evil, and becomes positively toxic to everyone else once these folks get a toe-hold on any kind of political power. The evils of organized religion aside(wether it be Catholics raping and beating orphans in Ireland or Christians abusing inmates of a Serbian rehab center), this whole jihad on drugs thing is largely a US-
    invented and promoted perversion of both Christianity and the Constitution. Unfortunately, it’s also a perversion that the US
    has pushed upon much of the rest of the civilized world.

    If the US wasn’t so god-awful stupid and stubborn, we wouldn’t still be spending $100b a year on the War on(some) Drug(-users)
    after 4 decades of abject failure, we wouldn’t be pushing our peculiar personal and religious hangups onto the rest of the world, and this Serbian “rehab” center would likely never have
    birthed it’s evil upon Serbia.

    Why are there no centers that beat, kick, torture and abuse alcoholics “for their own good”? (just curious) Unlike most other drugs(legal and illegal) alcohol is a crimenogenic substance that
    causes many people to commit violent crimes under it’s influence
    yet no one is suggesting we ban it let alone jail folks who choose to consume it.

    Most illegal drugs aren’t crimenogenic by nature, but nearly all the crime that surrounds their use can be directly attributed to drug *prohibition*, and NOT the drug itself.

    Religion still kills more people than either drugs or political violence combined, therefor I propose we outlaw religion, and start throwing it’s adherants in prison. Maybe we can open a chain of franchised “re-education centers” for these folks, so they can get a taste of their own medicine, bill the taxpayers and private insurers for our “services”, and profit handsomely while making the lives of our fellow man, unjustly and uneccessarily miserable. After all, that’s been The American Way for nearly 40 years on.

    This fraudulant, immoral, corrupt and unconstitutional drug war’s days are numbered – if not due to the collapse of the US gov’t, than due to a candidate like Ron Paul finally getting into
    the Whitehouse and undoing 50 years of crap in his first 50 hours on the job. I’ll happily settle for either one, and hope I’m around to see it.

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