Innes National Park

We visited the Innes national park yesterday. The park is located at the foot of the York Peninsula in South Australia.  Once the site of a gypsum mining operation the area is now protected. During the time of the gypsum operation most of the timber in the area was harvested and used to fuel the operation. The landscape is slowly regenerating.

The town of Inneston is a feature, long abandoned there are plenty of remnants of occupation. Crumbling buildings old paths even a concrete tennis court. Several buildings have been restored by a local group the “Friends of Inneston”. Theses buildings are available for hire, so you can overnight in the old abandoned town.

There is an easily accessible shipwreck on a beach, the Ethel which has been there since 1904. It is rusting away and looks like the skeleton of a rusty dinosaur. Given the rate of decay since the 1980s I don’t think will be visible for too many more years.

[pe2-image src=”” href=”″ caption=”Wreck of the Ethel” type=”image” alt=”DSC_0547.JPG” ]

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