New tablet Samsung Tab S2 8

New tablet

I have replaced my Nexus 7 tablet with a Samsung Tab S2 8. The Nexus has become almost unusable spending more time rebooting, freezing and updating than actually being able to use it. I mostly browse the net and watch YouTube videos, I daren’t use Facebook   as this makes the tablet hang.

After not much thought and the fact that I have a Samsung phone I bought the Samsung Tab S2 8. So far so good the battery life is reasonable. The screen is very bright and clear. Although wider than the Nexus 7 it is much lighter and thinner. Setting it up was a breeze and all the apps that are on my S5  imported  to the new device very quickly. I have never added another Android device. In the past I have use Apple devices. So was very pleasantly surprised how smooth and easy it all was.

Another bonus was that when I decided to do this there was a special on ebay which gave me a 20% discount. Win Win.


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