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I have just downloaded and installed Office 2010. On first impression Word 2010 seems faster and more responsive than the 2007 version that I have just upgraded from. Everything is in the same place and I am one of those who liked the ribbon from the start. I do however like the ability to easily hide the ribbon which frees some screen real estate. This post is being typed in Word 2010. The other feature on first use that is nice is the new file tab which gives access to all the things that you would expect in a file menu. This replaces the big button that was a feature of the previous version word.

Anyway I have managed this without resort to the instructions and all of my setting and document history have been upgraded without any problems. I also use Endnote X4 and this translated across without problems. The only thing is that I have changed my version of word in the middle of a major project. Time will tell if this has been a risky strategy.


I have noted that Word 2010 loads in a different manner and on the first load after a reboot and this seems to take longer. But once loaded hums along nicely. I might add that this is being run on a Win7 64bit notebook with an Intel core i5 2.54ghz processor.

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