Prague Fatale (Bernard Gunther, #8)

Prague Fatale (Bernard Gunther, #8)Prague Fatale by Philip Kerr

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

In Prague Fatale Phillip Kerr dips in and out of his protagonists’ life. There is not an obvious chronology to the novels. However this rather cleverly deals with the finite landscape that the novels occupy.
This book arrived literally as I had completed the previous instalment Field Gray. The setting, Prague, is more constrained than the previous and as such the range of  characters is reduced.
This instalment has Bernie Gunther in the service of Reinhardt Heydrich, a feared member of the Nazi elite. He moves in and around Heydrich’s inner circle. It’s an historical fact was killed whilst he was the Reichs Protektor of the Czech Republic. Again Kerr succeeds in taking the reader back into this world.
Gunther remains an engaging character who is never far from the action. His manner almost guarantees that he rubs those in power up the wrong way.
As always waiting for the next book to be published.

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