Stu’s Shed A great Aussie Shed

A great shed site

Stu’s Shed I should say that I linked to this photo when testing the new Press It feature of WordPress 2.6. Stu has commented on his site that people have pinched content from his site and repackaged at their own. My post is just a proof of concept, and a tribute to what he is doing. A really great site.

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  1. Thanks for the tribute 🙂

    I have no problems whatsoever with genuine comments, links, references to content on my site, and in fact welcome it, so something like this is definitely welcome. After all, the web works because of the interlinking – one place leading to info at another.

    My problem is with a small group of actual content thieves (called scrapers), who literally skim content from other sites and repackage it as their own, combined with a bunch of adverts.

    So glad you like the site, and I have absolutely no problem with what is here – although I’ll have to widen the shed door if my head swells too much 😉 🙂


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