The Black Path (Rebecka Martinsson, #3) by Åsa Larsson

The Black Path (Rebecka Martinsson, #3)The Black Path by Åsa Larsson

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I read this in June 2010 and is part of my transfer of reading from the Now Reading plugin to Goodreads

This is the most recent of the Rebecka Martinsson by Åsa Larsson number 3. The heroine is troubled by her recent past and has almost drifted from being a corporate lawyer to working for the government prosecution service. This puts her closer to the action in this novel.
The suspense and atmosphere of these books is great, it’s all about the characters and their relationships. Not to mention a clever story line.
Another excellent instalment and makes me want to read the next one, if indeed it is translated into English.

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