The Savage Altar (Rebecka Martinsson #1) by Åsa Larsson

The Savage AltarThe Savage Altar by Åsa Larsson

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I read this in June 2010 and is part of my transfer of reading from the Now Reading plugin to Goodreads

The Savage Altar is the first in a series by Swedish author Åsa Larsson featuring a lawyer Rebecka Martinsson as the main character. The story sees her drawn back to the community where she grew up. There are old relationships that are rekindled and refreshed. It is a tale of power and corruption centering on the modern evangelical churches and human frailty. Sweden has an official state church although many do not go. The story hints at institutional corruption.
The story is set against the harsh winter in northern Sweden. The weather is a constant burden as the crime Great characters. The weather is as brutal as the crime. A story with enough twists and turns to keep the reader engaged.

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