Hahndorf on a Sunday

Hahndorf is a small town located in the Adelaide hills which has interesting German history. The original settlers Lutherans from Prussia name their town after the Captain of the ship that brought them to South Australia Dirk Meinerts Hahn,  hence Hahndorf. Hahndorf is the oldest surviving German settlement in Australia being founded in 1839.

Today its a thriving town which is relies heavily on tourism. Sundays are particularly busy with lots of day trippers from Adelaide. Lots of food of German style is available. If its Wurst you are after Hahndorf is the place.

Test from WordPress app

Haven’t been able to post from the WordPress app for quite a while. The photo was random so I could test this function as well. Hoping a new host will rectify this.

Random Keyboard

The Cat and Post Formats

The Not so amused cat (below) pretending to help me with the post formatting feature in WordPress.  I not sure what this offers but after reading a post in an wpbeginner.com  article I thought that it was worth a look. Still not sure what it does. I reverted to the default format and still nothing. I mean that the preview didn’t change at all. Here it is in all its image format glory.

I have read a few posts on WordPress sites that say or think that this is a good thing I am still not convinced.

The cat is reserving his opinion.

The Not So Amused cat
The Not So Amused cat

A First Bowl – Almost

A turned wooden bowl

This started out as a bowl but the recess that i turned on the base for my scroll chuck cracked when I started to hollow it out. Undeterred I pressed on and repurposed the blank. I need to make a base for a trophy at work. We are having a soup competition with a soup off at the end. A custom ladle will adorn this base. It’s made from a piece of Red Gum and finished with Danish oil, the only finish that I had on hand.  A bit rough and ready but fit for purpose, not bad since I bought it at the local garden centre. Handpicked from a pile of firewood.

A Quick photo

Rear vision mirror

Posted this using the quick photo option in the WordPress iOS App v2.9. Quick photo is a great way to post and image the blog albeit  with limitations. There is no option to re-size the photo from within the quick photo option of the app. This post ended up looking a little strange. So I logged on via my laptop and re-sized the image. I reduced the image to 60% of its original size but found this too large. I then re-edited the image and was able to reduce it by 60% of the already reduced size. Would be great if this was possible in the iOS App, perhaps in version 3.0.