Windows 10

Well I have had 2 days with Windows 10 on my laptop. The upgrade process was painless I’m not quite sure how long it took as I set it going and then went about things. All my installed software is working and I haven’t lost any files, no back for me.

I only had one issue the gestures on my trackpad did not work properly after upgrading to Windows 10. In particular using two fingers to scroll screens didn’t work in any application. I didn’t realise how used to this feature that I had become.  A quick check online revealed that this had been an issue with Lenovo laptops. I downloaded the Synaptics driver from Lenovo which seemed to be the same version installed by Windows 10 but it fixed the problem.

Everything appears to be working fine including Pinnacle Studio which in the past has given trouble with upgrades to Windows.

Not sure about the new Internet Explorer replacement seems ok but my preference is Chrome. The start menu is probably a welcome return for Windows 10. I had become used to the Start page in Windows 8.1 so not a deal breaker for me.


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