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We are currently in Zagreb onthe outskirts in a suburb called Strmec. Our cruise ended a week ago. We travelled by bus from Venice to Pula in Croatia. This took us briefly through Slovenia. Apprently Slovenia was given some land so that they have sea access as part of the EU deal.

The amphiteathre in Pula, Croatia. Italiano: L...
The amphiteathre in Pula, Croatia. Italiano: L’Anfiteatro romano di Pola, in Istria (Croazia). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Our main reason for visiting Pula was to see the impressive Roman amphitheatre. Pula itself is an old town with the problems associated with these old places. Narrow streets and graffiti are what we usually see. We stayed at a fantastic hotel called the Histria (Verudela, Croatia)  which has magnificent views of the mediterranean ocean.

We travelled by car and explored a couple of other town in Istria Rovinj and Opatije. Both places where beautiful and not so crowded. Driving on the righthand side of the road was much less of a hassle than I thought.

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