A tale from a parallel universe

I subscribe to a wonderful blog called stusshed. Stu laments the passing of the Triton Woodworking groups in Victoria. Triton of course are the makers of a range of tools which are resplendent in their orange livery. User groups, or groups of users,  can be great things and I suppose the woodworking user groups are a sort of men’s group that does not involve the “inner child” or hugging trees. There is of course nothing better than the sight of saw dust on the floor and the sound of electrons being murdered. 

This sad tale of the Triton users groups reminds me of another similar experience that I had. Remember the old computer user groups in the days when there were several computer operating systems in the market place. Windows was only a dream. I belonged to an Atari user group , they had a GUI long before Microsoft. It was a bid nerdy but 512 kilobytes of ram was something to behold. However  with the arrival of the 2400 baud modem and bulletin boards things began to change. The once flourishing Atari User group drifted away as we all became seduced by Microsoft.

So once upon a time in a small hall far far away………………………………..

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