All I Seem to do is Post About Updates Here is WordPress 3.2

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Well WordPress 3.2 is here and dutifully I have updated to the new version and this is the first post. The new dashboard looks great and is much easier on the eye. It’s hard to judge how much faster this version is as I am logged on at work and our net connection isn’t always ticketyboo.

As I am now getting used to the upgrade went on without a hitch, I have some sort of PHP memory allocation problem which means that since version 3.1 I have to disable some of my plugins during the upgrade but that is a minimal hassle. The spellchecker did hang but I cannot be sure if that is the XP machine with IE7 that I am using or the new  version  of WordPress.

I have now switched to the full screen editing mode and I must say I like the uncluttered look. I was confused with the slide away title bar. However as with all things new there is a period of adjustment.

That’s probably enough for now.

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