Blood Meridian

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I have read what must be the most bloodthirsty book that I have ever read. I was attracted to reading this after tackling Cormac McCarthy’s novel “No Country for Old Men’ which in itself was a violent novel. I am not that squeamish and do read a large amount of crime fiction but this was something else.

The story concerns itself with a group of misfits who seem to make their living from killing “injuns” and them scalping them to collect bounties. The landscape is bleak and harsh. This novel makes the old west appear to be almost like some post apocalyptic world with little or law and misery in spades.

The novel is mostly written from the perspective of a “The Kid” he seems a spectator as much as anything. The group is has another member referred to as the judge who appears as quasi scientist come philosopher when he is not committing heinous acts of violence.

The group is ultimately doomed and one by one they die. The conclusion of the story is somewhat confusing and unclear. I am not sure if I have the energy to read this bloody tale again.

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